The Community Policing Professional Program (CPPP) Learning Center has been designed to capitalize and enhance your current capacity to teach and present in the classroom; the courses contained in the CPPP Learning Center are only available to experienced instructors.

To become a Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Office Master Trainer you are required to first successfully complete the Problem Based Learning course (PBL 101). You will need to have a solid foundation in problem based learning (PBL) prior to beginning any of the other courses.  Once you have completed PBL 101 you can then select a course of interest.

All courses contain a series of modules. Modules are stand-alone, yet related, instructional units designed to satisfy one or more learning objectives. The course(s) you select will familiarize you with the topic utilizing a problem based learning approach. You will work with a small group of cohorts as well as on your own. Cohorts will be guided by an on-line facilitator versed in problem based learning and the course topic you have chosen.

Once you have successfully studied and fulfilled the course/module requirements and demonstrated application of all required work for your selected course, you will achieve the designation of a Department of Justice, COPS Office Master Trainer for that topic.

NOTE: By clicking on the course numbers above, you can see the general scope of the course and from that page you can also register for that course.

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